New people in the PPILOW project: Chloé Fivet, Sarah Lombard, Brieuc Desaint

Chloé Fivet (CRA-W, Junior researcher)

Chloé has a bachelor’s degree in economics (UNamur), completed by a master in agricultural sciences and a master in environmental sciences and management (UCL). As a facilitator for the Walloon NPG, she will organize pig stakeholders’ meetings, together with Virginie Decruyenaere, and favor the discussions around the practices considered within the project.



Sarah Lombard (ITAB, Mission head)

Sarah joined ITAB in November 2021, just after her graduation as Ingénieur Agronome, equivalent to a Master of Science Degree in agronomy. She is specialized in animal production with a particular interest in animal welfare. In ITAB, she is working on organic pigs, poultry and rabbits production. Her main topics are feeding and animal welfare. She is involved in different French projects such as Valorage (use of silage and grazing in pigs and laying hens feed), Farinelli (breeding of non-castrated male pigs and reduction of pain during castration of pigs), Devlapinbio (adaptability of rabbit organic farms in relation with the new organic rules). She is also involved in the European project PPILOW, mostly in the work package 5 in which she follows French trials in commercial farms.


Brieuc Desaint (ITAB, Mission head)

Brieuc joined ITAB in 2020 and he works on organic pigs and poultry production, with a focus on feeding and animal welfare. He is involved in PPILOW in WP2 for NPG group facilitation concerning poultry and pig welfare, and in WP5 for on-farm trial (broilers and layers hens for dual purpose breeds). His other projects are concerning fodder valorization by monogastric (Valorage), co-conception of mixed system with agroforestry (AGROMIX) and training for on-farm feed making.