Web series videos

One of the PPILOW project activities is to create a web series of 10 episodes.

PPILOW 1st video:  The 1st video has been though as a teaser with the goal to present, in general, the objectives and targets of the project. Enjoy this nice video!

PPILOW 2nd and 3rd videos: Poultry and Pig Welfare Applications!

One of the aims of the PPILOW project is to develop tools for organic and free-range farmers to monitor the welfare of their own animals. For this purpose, two apps have been developed: 1) the EBENE app for poultry farmers and 2) the PIGLOW app for pig farmers. With this two apps, poultry and pig farmers can conduct welfare assessments of their animals and view their results, which include automated feedback and an anonymous comparison with the results of other app users. The apps and their functionalities are introduced in the following videos. Let’s watch the videos presentation of these new and original apps!

EBENE Poultry Welfare Application:

PIGLOW Pig Welfare Application:

PPILOW 4th video: Range use and exploratory behaviours in chickens!

This new video of the PPILOW project focuses on the promotion of natural behaviour in free range systems. The expression of these behaviours is  an important aspect of the poultry welfare improvement. Enjoy this nice video!

PPILOW 5th video: Prevent feather pecking in laying hens!

This new video of the PPILOW project focuses on 2 alternatives to beak trimming for preventing or reducing feather pecking and/or cannibalism in laying hens. These potential alternatives are: the provision of light during egg incubation and the enrichment of living environment with black soldier fly larvae. Enjoy this nice video!