Practice abstracts and factsheets

Twenty-four practice abstracts in the EIP Agri format based on PPILOW research will be produced. These will include practice abstracts on scenarios in partners’ countries, each produced in English and the national language. A “practice abstract” is a short summary which describes a main information/recommendation/practice that can be used by the end-users in their daily practice.

  1. PA 1: “PIGLOW – a welfare self-assessment & benchmarking tool for outdoor and organic pig farms”.
  2. PA 2: “EBENE® – a welfare self-assessment tool for poultry farms”.
  3. PA 3: “Economic aspects of range and outdoor run management in outdoor and organic broiler and pig production systems”.
  4. PA 4: “Ensuring balanced diet is one of key factors to successful organic and low-input poultry”.
  5. PA 5: “Stakeholders’ views regarding the key challenges in organic and low-input pig farming”.
  6. PA 6: “Perceived usefulness and feasibility of measures to enhance animal welfare in organic and outdoor-reared pigs and poultry”.
  7. PA 7: “Tools for data collection and criteria for multicriteria assessment according to the OneWelfare concept”.
  8. PA 8: “Methodology and process facilitating the National Practitioner Groups during Covid-19”.
  9. PA 9: “Dual-purpose genotypes in organic egg production and effect on egg quality”.
  10. PA 10: “Personality traits and exploratory behavior in slow-growing broilers”.
  11. PA 11: “Artificial digestion to detect T. spiralis larvae in pork”.
  12. PA 12: “Anti-Ascaris suum effect of Arthemisia absinthium and Allium sativum”.
  13. PA 13: “Welfare issues identified by key informants”.
  14. PA 14: “Intact male pigs in organic production”.
  15. PA 15: “Impact of temporary crating on performance of Large White sows bred for piglet survival”.
  16. PA 16: “Incubation and early-life strategies to minimize feather pecking and cannibalism in laying hens”.