1. Journée régionale 7 ans de recherche et expérimentation en agriculture biologique en Pays de la Loire in La Pommeraye (France, 7th February 2023). Presentation: “Poultry and Pig Low-input and Organic production systems’ Welfare” (ITAB, SYSAAF, INRAE)


  1. Workshop – Castration of male pigs (Online, 22nd December 2022). INRAE presentation: “Research studies on intact boars: Strategies to prevent undesired behaviours in intact male pigs and to avoid boar taint in the end-products”.
  2. Webinar “Alternatives à l’élimination des poussins mâles de la filière ponte”(online, 22th November 2022). INRAE and CNRS presentation : “Les défis de l’ovosexage précoce”.
  3. Workshop – 6 years of research in organic farming in “Pays de la Loire” Region in Poitiers (France, 24th October 2022). Presentation: “Elevage de porcs mâles non castrés” (INRAE, IFIP, ITAB).


  1. ITAVI and INRAE made a presentation during an online training: “Evaluation du bien-être des volailles en élevage et en station expérimentale. Exemple de la méthode EBENE” (7th October 2021).
  2. INRAE and AIAB organised the workshop with practioners within the Organic World Congress in Rennes  (France, 6th – 10th September 2021) entitled: “How to improve poultry and pig welfare in organic production systems? .Three presentations made by PPILOW partners: 1) “The multi-actor PPILOW European project: a participative approach to co-build innovations for welfare improvement in organic pig and poultry farms”; 2) “Interactive demonstration of the functionalities of a welfare self-assessment tool for improving animal welfare on-farm in organic and outdoor systems”; 3) “Organic pig and poultry production: what are the animal welfare challenges”.


  1. Face-to-face training (Romania, December 2020). USAVM Presentation: “Digestive microbiome and parasites’ control in autochthonous swine breeds in low input systems by use of plant-derived products”.