EAAP PPILOW session 2023!

PPILOW Session
EAAP Annual Meeting 2023 – 30th August 2023
Session: Poultry and pig low-input and organic production systems’ welfare

Chairs: Gürbüz Daş (EAAP Pig/Poultry Commission) Mirjam Holinger (EAAP Health and Welfare Commission) and Anne Collin (PPILOW coordinator)


A particular session (n. 62) dedicated to PPILOW topic “Poultry and pig Low-input and organic production system’s welfare” was organised during the 74th EAAP Annual Meeting held in Lyon (France). After a Keynote lecture presented by INRAE on the barriers to welfare and levers for improvement in organic and low-input outdoor pig and poultry farms, six communications from PPILOW partners were mixed with communications from external scientists for favouring knowledge exchange on the topic. Below you can find a list of the presentations linked to the PPILOW project.

Theatre Session