PPILOW project in Terra Madre 2022!

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is the largest international event dedicated to good, clean and fair food and to food politics. From September 22-26, 2022 in Parco Dora, Turin, we’ll come together to shape the future of food through conferences, workshops and a large international market.

Regeneration is a transversal theme for Slow Food and during Terra Madre Salone del Gusto we will be discussing that idea from various perspectives, favoring an (eco)systemic approach to what food is today, and what we think it should be tomorrow, going beyond political boundaries and building on the savoir faire of communities all around the world.  In these years, Slow Food grassroots projectsa and communities have been strong examples of resilience and strength, adapting to a world which is continuously changing. At Terra Madre, they will show why they represent models to aspire to face the current climate, social and health crises and prevent future ones.

“Regeneration can be found in nature: a tree that has lost one of its branches can grow it back; likewise, soil that has been impoverished by monocultures and chemical inputs can be regenerated thanks to farming practices that nourish the land, ensuring nutritious crops, diversified diets and dignified livelihoods – explains Edie Mukiibi, Slow Food president – It’s also possible to regenerate abandoned mountain areas through sustainable livestock breeding and grazing, and reverse the depopulation of the highlands. Freshwater and saltwater ecosystems can be regenerated with the traditional knowledge of the cultures who handed down their techniques for centuries. Last but not least, cities can be regenerated by reducing the distance between food production and consumption. This distance, which is both physical and psychological, has widened over the last century, rendering the production of our food largely invisible to us. This gap can now be closed if we choose to focus again on where the food comes from and respect who produces it every day, promoting good, clean and fair food for all. In this respect, Slow Food promotes education activities to better understand and protect world biodiversity”.

Hundreds of events include also an educational trail: ‘The Soil Circle’, dedicated to learning more about the value of biodiversity in soils and the link between soil quality and sustainable animal husbandry (the in-depth look at poultry farming in particular, which was also made possible thanks to the PPILOW project) and a conference ‘Pigs and Poultry: How Can We Improve Their Welfare?‘ dedicated to disseminate the activities and the first results of the PPILOW project. The conference will take place today 22 September 2022 at 4.30 pm (Copenhagen Room, Envipark).

For more information visit the website Terra Madre.