PPILOW’s People: Jacopo Goracci!

I’m Jacopo Goracci and I’m a zootechnician. I graduated in Animal Science at the University of Pisa in 2002 and I obtained my PhD in Animal Production in 2007 with a thesis on pasture-raised local pigs. Since 2005 I have been the technical manager of the agro-zootechnical organic farm Tenuta di Paganico, where we raise pigs and cattle extensively. Finally, I’m also the coordinator of Slow Food Razza Maremmana Presidium in Tuscany, Italy, so I hope to be one of the “guardians” of agroecosystems and biodiversity. For the PPILOW project, I’m the Slow Food consultant: I worked with the global movement in the development of projects related to the livestock supply chain and the Slow Meat campaign. I believe that restoring the link between the animal and the ecosystem in which it is raised is the fundamental base for transitioning to sustainable systems.