PPILOW’s People: Pietro Luciano Venezia!

I graduated in Veterinary Medicine in Parma in 1990 and since 1991 I have been working in permaculture (PDC Permaculture Design Course) and in Non-Conventional Medicine (MNC). From 1991 to 1997 I lived in Guatemala where I met and practiced permaculture together with the French agronomist Benoit Maria, I then continued my study and work on design and applied permaculture in Italy, Africa and Asia. The experience gained in different ecological systems, desert, tropical, tropical mountains, subtropical, taiga, temperate zones, allow me to have a broad and systemic vision of the situations encountered and the changes to be proposed. The study of homeopathy (Faculty of Homeopathy U.K – LFHom Vet) has been extremely useful also in permaculture, allowing me to refine the anamnesis of the systems and to develop the methodology GOSP (Holistic Management of Stables and Pastures), GOPP (Holistic Management of Chicken Coops and Pastures) and GOAP (Holistic Management of Beehives and Pastures). I have combined permaculture with theoretical and practical work on grazing livestock of cows, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry and rabbits. I have collaborated as a contract professor with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Bologna. I am co-founder of Armonie Animali.  For the PPILOW project, I’m a Slow Food consultant: I worked with the global movement in the development of projects related to the livestock supply chain and the Slow Meat campaign. My relationship with Slow Food and its projects is not a real job, but a philosophy of life. I live in the countryside on the LabArca farm, about 5 hectares in Castelnuovo di Meldola (FC), with my wife Laura and my children, Luis, Thomas and Gemma. Our house is heated by wood and solar panels and produces energy through photovoltaic panels. We produce symbiotic organic vegetables, fruit, wheat, eggs, jams, honey.