PPILOW’s People: Vanessa Guesdon!

I am a teacher and researcher in animal sciences and head of the team Innovative and Sustainable Agricultural Systems at JUNIA. Junia is a French engineer school (more information on the website ). My field of expertise is animal behaviour and welfare (more specifically in poultry and fish), with a PhD thesis on the welfare of lying hens from the University of Rennes (France). I currently contribute to projects related to the development of monitoring tools for welfare evaluation in poultry and fish and study levers such as interaction of personality and cognitive abilities, moderate cognitive challenges to increase the level of welfare (more information on my researchgate profile. I am participating to different work packages (WP1.1, WP2, WP3.1, WP6.1, WP8.4) of the PPILOW project to bring my expertise in the area of poultry welfare.