BioForum technical day!

On 29th March 2024 BioForum organised a technical day in José Metsu’s farm located in Poperinge, Belgium. Farmer José Metsu explained that the farrowing took place in the hut. The sow stays in the hut up to 47 days. The hut is moved in the field every 6 months.

It was explained:

  • How the hut is moved with the tractor
  • Regulations for the fencing for food security: in Belgium a double fencing is obligatory
  • Sows used to indoor conditions take time to get used to the electrical fencing
  • The benefits of the heated creeping area for piglets
  • The technical features of the hut to support the sow in her maternal behaviour. She is remarkably more calm
  • The benefits for piglet health of outdoor farrowing: the farmer observed there is no need for iron injection.
  • The price estimate of the hut
  • The interest in marketing purposes: clients that come to the farm see the pigs outdoors.

The event was attended by pig farmers, technical experts and advisors coming from the Flemish and Walloon regions