– by Anne Collin (INRAE)

Poultry and Pig welfare is more than ever in the scope of societal interest at the beginning of 2024, yet in the European context of the last 2-year marketing issues due to inflation representing a heavy burden for organic and low-input livestock productions. Among the latest events related to Animal Welfare, January saw the birth of a new European Commission co-funded initiative, the European Partnership on Animal Health and Welfare (EUPAHW)* led by Ghent University. The objective of this partnership is to control infectious animal diseases, and to promote animal welfare in animal production in a One Health and One Welfare approach for full societal impact. Recently, the PPILOW consortium triggered the dissemination of its activities and results towards stakeholders through various events: the EU-New-Zealand online meeting (7 February), the ClearFarm project final event in Brussels (14 February), the EU Organic ambassadors meeting ( 19 March), the Bioland Conference (28 February). A specific meeting with Eurogroup for Animals on the 22nd of February also allowed to share the project findings with the representatives of the Animal Welfare European Associations. Furthermore, the partners involved in the construction of PPILOW business models worked together with representatives of practitioners, NGOs and policy makers in a specific workshop in Brussels held on the 7th of March. Within this Newsletter, you will find more information about several of these meetings, the PPILOW webinars built-up by PPILOW partners on on-farm hatching and on non-castrated male pigs, as well as presentations of the PPILOW new collaborators we had the pleasure to welcome within the last months. At last, you will find here the announcement of the coming PPILOW events where you can learn more about PPILOW innovations for low-input outdoor and organic pigs and poultry!

*The European Partnership on Animal Health and Welfare has been co-funded by the European Commission