Multi-actor symposium on dual-purpose chickens

– by Saskia Kliphuis (UU)

On June 1st 2023, UU-members of the PPILOW consortium co-organized a symposium on the future prospects of dual-purpose chickens in the Netherlands, together with Bionext and Fair Poultry. Among the 60 attendees were poultry farmers, policy makers, veterinarians, feed suppliers, and researchers. Bas Rodenburg presented results from the PPILOW project, regarding the egg characteristics of dual-purpose genotypes (WP 5) and the perception of European consumers on the low-input and organic poultry production (WP 1). In addition, Fair Poultry presented the results of the dual-purpose study group, which is part of the Dutch NPG, revealing production and health parameters of several small-scale dual-purpose flocks kept in mobile houses throughout the Netherlands. Lastly, Bionext reflected on the past and current situation on the Dutch poultry market, and opportunities for the dual-purpose chicken in the future. From the many interactive discussions with the audience, the majority of attendees was positive about the dual-purpose chicken as part of the poultry sector, mostly because of its robustness. Furthermore, the dual-purpose concept was expected to increase dramatically in viability when waste streams from human food production can be utilized to produce feed for the birds, both from an environmental and economic perspective.

Symposium on the future of dual-purpose chickens © UU