Centro de selección y mejora genética del ganado Ovino y Caprino de Castilla y León

OVIGEN is the ovine and caprine selection and genetic improve center of Castilla and León (Spain). The center was born of a collaboration agreement signed between the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of the board of Castilla y León and the Association for the Selection and Breeding of Sheep and Goats .Actually is managed by national breeders association.

In the center there are 450 males of pure breeds: assaf, castellana, churra, ojalada, lacaune  and murciano-granadina goat. There are more than 500 farmers included in the association breeders and prepares more than 50.000 refrigerated semen doses each year and the same number of frozen semen.

Ovigén aims to increase the profitability of sheep and goat farms. To achieve this, it focuses on the following areas of action:

  • Support the selection and genetic improvement schemes of sheep and goat breeders groups
  • Dissemination of genetic improvements achieved Establishment of plans to promote sheep and goat breeds
  • Training and information aimed at the sheep and goat sector on reproductive management and assisted reproduction techniques (Artificial Insemination and embryo transfer).

OVIGÉN develops research projects  in reproduction and genetics areas in collaboration with universities and research centers about sheep and goats breeding.

In 2018 had organized OVINNOVA , an specific ovine meeting in Spain, the most important showcase of products and services related with the sheep sector.