PPILOW Project: first results presented at TERRA MADRE!

Animal welfare is not only linked to good health and the avoidance of suffering but is also a consequence of the environmental context in which animals live and the welfare of the people who care for them . These are the principles underpinning the one welfare approach, which inspires European PPILOW project, presented at the TERRA MADRE 2022.

TERRA MADRE 2022 has been the perfect stage to present the first results of the project through concrete experiences of some of the partners.

During the conference Pigs and Chickens: How to Improve Animal Welfare?, held on 22th September, various experts, producers and professionals in the field were able to meet and discuss the topic, presenting concrete examples of the conclusions that some of the farmers, who joined the project, were able to draw after two years of activity.

The livestock farming that the project partners envision for the future brings together land, water, animals, herders, farmers, and citizens and outlines a path toward a different way of farming and toward a new value that we all must place on food and, more than ever, on all those products that come from animals (meat, milk, cheese, eggs, honey, wool).

Thanks to the PPILOW project, a playful-educational path was developed at Terra Madre 2022 to discover the transformations to which humans have subjected chickens for market needs.

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