PPILOW project: many advances with practitioners despite the sanitary issues

– by Anne Collin (INRAE)

© AU

In the challenging context of avian influenza that has hit farmers and their animals of outdoor poultry production systems very hard for this dark past year, and after COVID-19 issues and uncertainties due to war at the door of the EU, let’s hope that the poultry and pig low input and organic practitioners will know a respite in the coming months. Fruitful discussions and involvement of practitioners in PPILOW activities and field studies, and PPILOW partners’ work have fortunately developed within the last three months for the benefit of poultry and pig welfare in organic and free-range systems. In this newsletter will be presented an overview of our last advances through the publication of PPILOW EIP AGRI practice abstracts, the interest of European practitioners for PPILOW innovations, and insights within the exploratory behavior of chickens reared outdoor. Enjoy reading this news and the information about our dynamic PPILOW young collaborators and the update on the coming events organized by PPILOW partners!