PPILOW’s People: Helen Mara Pluschke!

Hi, I am Helen Mara Pluschke and I enjoy working with and around chicken. As a member of the poultry research team at the Thünen Institute for Organic Farming in Germany, my job is to gather data on the PPILOW dual-purpose genotypes under organic rearing conditions (PPILOW Project Task 5).  We then use the data and observations of the development of the birds in discussion with farmers and other stakeholders through the National Practitioner Group to identify their suitability and potentials. Besides the on-station research, we will also conduct an on-farm trial with on of the PPILOW genotypes. Establishing dual-purpose breeds encourages a shift of perspectives towards a more creative and sustainable poultry production in the organic sector. Ultimately, our research aims to support the development of sturdy, dual-purpose breeds that may thrive on organic farms.