PPILOW’s People: Sarah Lombard!

Hi! I joined ITAB in November 2021, just after my graduation as Ingénieur Agronome, equivalent to a Master of Science Degree in agronomy. I am specialized in animal production with a particular interest in animal welfare. In ITAB, I am working on organic pigs, poultry and rabbits production. My main topics are alimentation and animal welfare. I am involved in different French projects such as Valorage (use of silage and grazing in pigs and laying hens feed), Farinelli (breeding of non-castrated male pigs and reduction of pain during castration of pigs), Devlapinbio (adaptability of rabbit organic farms in relation with the new organic rules). I am also involved in the European project PPILOW, mostly in the work package 5 in which I follow French trials in commercial farms.