PPILOW’s People: Sophie Réhault-Godbert!

I am a senior researcher at INRAE, the French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment and the co-director of the team “Egg defenses, valorization, Evolution (DOVE)” located in the Avian Biology and Poultry Science Unit (BOA). My research topics deal with the characterization of the functions of extra-embryonic annexes during embryonic development. I also explore how their respective functions are impacted by various parameters (genetics, conditions of egg storage prior to incubation, etc.). In this respect, I am interested in identifying biomarkers (genes, proteins, metabolites) and indicators of normal development of the embryo. The expertise of the DOVE team encompasses the physiology of egg formation by laying hens (eggshell biomineralization, yolk, white and vitelline membrane formation), the physiological functions of egg components and structures and the valorization of egg-derived components for non-food applications (human Health). In the PPILOW project, I am the leader of the task 5.3 dedicated to the identification of new biomarkers of the sex of chicken embryos, in ovo.  I also participate in the development of a new ovosexing method that is essentially handled by Katia Grenier (National Center for Scientific Research, CNRS, France).