Progress and updates of the PPILOW National Practitioners Groups

– by Martina Re (AIAB)

The pig and poultry National Practitioners Groups (NPGs) are currently engaged in the project on two levels: the first one is contributing to the sustainability multicriteria assessment, by providing information on priorities and perception of different aspects of sustainability. This activity has been carried out through the Deck Card Method methodology, either on-site or online depending on the NPG members’ availability. The second one is the implementation of innovative practices developed by WP 4-5-6: farmers involved in the NPGs have been informed about the experiments carried out within the project through the NPG facilitators. Farmers interested in the innovations have started to implement the selected practices for improving animals’ welfare. Together with the partners involved in the experiments, the implementation of practices is monitored through protocols for collecting data on the experiment progress. During the 3rd Annual Meeting, partners and facilitators have proposed new innovations to be implemented on farms, for addressing specific farmers’ needs